Young children wearing blankets

Thank You!

We are so appreciative of your donation in support of the ‘4300 Kids’ project.

To give you an idea of the impact your support will have, we hope you will read the story below about one of our current volunteers, a young woman named Tlalane.

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“I am encouraged each time I see my students change positively. Even the smallest change is enough to remind me that this is why I love doing what I am doing. It is heartwarming to see my students grow and develop patience, perseverance and determination.”

Tlalane has been volunteering with children in her community since 2021. She firmly believes that engaging at-risk children at a young age, and giving them a chance to keep up with their peers, gives them an immeasurable confidence boost and helps them develop values and attitudes which will benefit them later in life. She says, “You can help turn lives around. No help is too great or too little. Every single bit adds up to great effect on a journey that takes a lifetime.”

Tlalane has been working with a young boy named Liteboho who was struggling to read. Liteboho lives with his grandmother, who never had the opportunity to go to school. Tlalane committed herself to practice reading with Liteboho weekly. Even though Liteboho preferred drawing, Tlalane was able to help him see how fun reading can be. With time, she saw great improvement! “I’m very proud of him and it encourages me to keep doing what I am doing,” Tlalane said. Recently, Liteboho showed Tlalane a hand-drawn family portrait he had been working on – Tlalane was touched to see that she was included! Tlalane is so proud of Liteboho’s willingness to open up during sessions with the other children.

“My hope for my students is that they will discover their strengths and abilities, remember the values they have learned here in our sessions, and live them out as they grow up into adulthood.”