Young children wearing blankets

“How are you today? I’m glad you’re here.”

We are mobilizing alumni from Help Lesotho’s life skills programs as volunteers conducting outreach activities with kids in their communities. The volunteers use educational materials to inspire a love of learning in the children, and provide mental health support to help them build resilience. As kids navigate the challenges life throws at them, something as simple as the phrase “How are you today? I’m glad you’re here.” can mean the world to them.

After seeing the impact of this initiative over the last year, there is only one thing to do – scale up! With your help, we will equip another 100 volunteers who, on average, will reach 43 kids. Within a matter of months, 4,300 kids will be reached!

  • It costs $250 to equip a volunteer with training, ongoing support, enough educational resources to reach 40+ kids, and a small honorarium to recognize their commitment.
  • $250 = 1 volunteer = 43 supported kids (less than $6 per kid)

To learn more about the Smart Kids project, click here to read an interview with one of the leaders.

Join us to change the lives of 4,300 more kids!