A Visit to the Pitseng Centre!

Apr 22, 2022

A visit to the Pitseng Centre: Picture this, you’re walking through an open grass field. Cattle and sheep surround you as you follow a well-worn dirt path to a cluster of buildings. Set against the beautiful Maluti Mountain Range, in the remote region of Pitseng, you happen upon an cluster of colourful little buildings – Help Lesotho’s Pitseng Centre.



Grandmothers sit together, talking, knitting and sharing advice by the pergola. For these women, the support they get not only from the Centre, but from each other, is life-changing. They can often be found singing and dancing to the tune of traditional Basotho music, while bouncing a baby on their lap.


child walking through field in Lesotho on their way to the Pitseng Centre from a nearby school.

As you get closer to the Centre, you can hear the laughter of children as they gather and play on a beautiful new play structure –the only of its kind in the area. Off to one side of the yard a group of youth have started a soccer match. In another corner a competitive chess competition is underway. There are always so many activities happening at the Centre!

grandmothers sit together under a pergola as they talk, knit and share life advice in Pitseng, Lesotho, southern Africa.
A visit to the pitseng centr is sure to introduce you to the centr's supervisor M'e' Thoala.e

Walking through the building, you stumble upon a cramped but lively little library with students of all ages eagerly grasping at the array of books and other reading materials available. The well-lit room means eager students have more of an opportunity to learn and practice their reading.

young mothers in Lesotho

As you enter the largest building on the property, you are immediately greeted by the friendly face of M’e’ Thoala – who with the help of staff and volunteers – supervises all who gather at this special place. Never without a brood of children following her, M’e’ Thoala keeps the centre in check. Despite how busy it always is she makes sure there’s room for everyone who needs it!





As you make your way to the back of the building, you see young mothers with their infants, who have gathered for a support group and training session on how best to care for themselves and their little ones.

As you leave, boisterous children gather around the radio to dance to the latest pop hits. This is just an average day at Help Lesotho’s Pitseng Centre!