Country Director Visits Ottawa

Jul 4, 2022

In June 2022, Help Lesotho’s Country Director, ‘M’e Mamoletsane Khati, spent two weeks at the Canadian office in Ottawa, ON. Despite holding the role of Country Director for well over a year, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented any in-person contact between ‘M’e Mamoletsane and the Canadian staff until now.

‘M’e Mamoletsane and Dr. Peg Herbert

‘M’e Mamoletsane and board members (Bill Austin, Margie Hooper, Mary Dawson, Kim Rogers, Kathleen Lauder)

‘M’e Mamoletsane’s time in Ottawa was a wonderful mix of connecting with 85+ donors, meaningful conversations with the Ottawa staff and board members, intensive strategic planning sessions, and plenty of time to enjoy all that summertime in Ottawa has to offer!

When asked what she enjoyed most about her visit, ‘M’e said:

  • The abundance of nature everywhere she looks! So many trees and flowers, so many different landscapes, so many beautiful places to walk.
  • How friendly everyone is!
  • Finally getting to meet people she works with everyday in person.

During three cocktail parties, ‘M’e Mamoletsane chatted with supporters who traveled from near and far to meet her. After two years of such limited social time, it was wonderful to have some in-person fun!

‘M’e Mamoletsane shared inspirational words about what it means to her to lead the Help Lesotho team in Lesotho. In the video below, hear one of her speeches.