Menstrual Cycle Spin Class

May 1, 2017

Help Lesotho gives new meaning to “Menstrual Cycle”

“Menstrual Cycle” was a fabulously fun spin class for a cause hosted by Help Lesotho at Wheelhouse Cycle Studio in Ottawa, Ontario. Participants cycled up a sweat in the disco-ball adorned spin room (complete with pumping tunes and lots of motivation from powerhouse instructor Jen!). After cool-down, coveted prizes from Elements Luxury Tented Camp and Spa, Bicycle Craft Brewery, Pearls4Girls, and Allegro Clothing were raffled off to lucky spinners.

All of that sweat was well worth it – each ticket allowed for the purchase and creation of 3 washable sanitary kits for a girl in Lesotho.

Why are re-useable sanitary kits necessary?

Girls in Lesotho miss one week of school every month because of their periods. With access to re-usable kits, girls get back those 50 days of school each year. One $15 kit lasts up to 3 years – that gives a girl 150 days of education; that’s 150 days where she can take control of her life, and gain the confidence to become a role model in a country where gender equity is a shockingly huge problem.

Who makes the kits?

Young women attending the Mazzarello Vocational School have been hired to produce kits for Help Lesotho to purchase. This is the first income-generating project for the school, allowing the girls to make a small salary to support their families.

MENSTRUAL CYCLE RAISED ENOUGH MONEY TO CREATE AND DISTRIBUTE 166 SANITARY KITS. That is 24,900 days of education girls will get back. 

The impact of the reusable sanitary kits is remarkable. They are one of the simplest and most cost-effective strategies for empowering girls to stay in school. Best of all, by having the kits made by girls in Lesotho, this project has DOUBLE the impact for Lesotho’s vulnerable girls!

Didn’t get a chance to attend the event? Purchase a washable sanitary kit here.