Fighting Against Gender-Based Violence

Jul 19, 2017


Stop gender-based violence


Young Basotho men and women are standing up and speaking out against gender-based violence and early and forced child marriage in an exciting new way.

“GIRL4ce” is a Help Lesotho youth-led movement for POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE. Through catchy songs, passionate dramas, inspiring speeches, and interactive activities, GIRL4ce is educating Basotho about actions they can take to put an end to these abusive practices so Lesotho can have a brighter future.

The GIRL4ce performances are truly moving: grandmothers and youth alike excitedly wave their hands and share their own experiences with gender-based violence in their communities. Audience members are not passive viewers! At the end of the performances, audience members fill out commitment cards to solidify what THEY will do to help end the abuse against women and girls. These cards are a powerful take-away, reminding the audience that they have a part to play in ending gender-based violence.

Excitement around the GIRL4ce movement is building in Lesotho. To learn more about GIRL4ce, or to book them for your event in Lesotho, check out the GIRL4ce website.