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Peg is proof that it is possible for one person to make a difference.

peg with children in Lesotho

Since 2004, 274,000 vulnerable people have been reached through Help Lesotho’s work. With over 55,000 graduates from intensive life skills programs, Help Lesotho is making an incredible impact in so many lives. Dr. Peg Herbert’s determination and perseverance has held steady throughout the many year’s the organization has been under her leadership. Now as she makes the shift to retirement and we welcome a new Executive Director (Julia Thompson), we need your help to ensure Peg’s legacy lives on.

Your donation in Peg’s honour will help individuals build their resilience and strengthen families and entire communities.

Change is possible, and it is happening!

Honour Help Lesotho’s Founder, Dr. Peg Herbert, with your gift!

Donation Options:

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  • Send an e-transfer to (no security question needed)
  • Transfer securities through your broker (tax advantageous to you!)
  • Mail a cheque to Help Lesotho, 610 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1S 4E6