How to Tie a Basotho Baby Wrap

May 10, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day!

In Lesotho, mothers and grandmothers carry their babies (or grand-babies) on their backs wrapped in a traditional Basotho blanket or towel.

The Basotho baby wrap keeps babies clean, warm and protected from all the red dust that blows throughout the tiny mountain kingdom. In addition, it keeps mom’s hands free to do her daily chores.

Women in Lesotho work tirelessly from sunrise to sunset to feed their families, care for their children and keep their homes clean.

Traditionally women are in charge of doing the washing in a local stream, collecting water from a well to cook and wash dishes, tending their gardens, traveling on foot to the nearest town to do the shopping – as well as keeping their homes and yard swept clean – all while keeping their baby on their back!

Mother and child in Lesotho displaying a tied Basotho Baby Wrap

How to Tie a Basotho Baby Wrap:

Step 1: First of all, fold the Basotho blanket in half lengthwise.

Step 2: Next, Bend at the waist and hoist baby onto your back, so that their head can rest comfortably on your upper back while they take a nap. Wrap their legs around the sides of your torso.

Step 3:  Drape blanket over the baby’s body, until it covers the neck with the face and head peeking out the top; be sure to tuck the baby’s hands inside the blanket.

Step 4: Tie or pin the blanket on your front, across your chest and around your stomach to secure the baby in place.

Step 5: Make sure the babies feet are tucked up inside the blanket. Now you’re ready to bring your baby along for all your daily chores.

 Basotho Baby in cardboard box

This Mother’s Day YOU can Help!

Grandmothers and young mothers in Lesotho are raising babies without the necessary supplies. High infant mortality rates are often the result of caregivers not having safe, clean items for their babies. To help ease the burden of grandmothers and young mothers raising babies, Help Lesotho will package and deliver boxes of ‘B-’ items that will go a long way to giving babies a healthy, happy start at life.

This Mother’s Day, give a Baby Box in honour of a special mother in your life!

Baby Boxes include:

  • Bottles;
  • Baby Book;
  • Blanket;
  • Binky (soother!); and
  • Bib!Bottom of Form

Click here to support young mothers and their babies in Lesotho!