Donate in honour of Kim & Andrew’s wedding!

kim and andrew

Help Lesotho has been close to Kim’s heart for over a decade. As a board member and volunteer, Kim has actively supported the critical work done both here in Canada and directly with the beneficiaries in Lesotho (Southern Africa). Nothing would make Kim and Andrew happier than the thought of utilizing their wedding as a platform to support a cause they hold dear.

Through their wedding donations, Kim and Andrew have set a goal of raising $11,000 to pay for 20 girls to go through the Pearl Program. One of many Help Lesotho programs, the Pearl Program is for vulnerable girls ages 12-14 as they make the difficult transition from primary school to high school. Through monthly life skills training sessions on weekends over the course of a year, the girls gain valuable skills to help increase their self-esteem, resist peer-pressure, and protect themselves again HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence so they can navigate high school with the knowledge and confidence to succeed! Through the Pearl Program, girls build their resilience and decision-making skills to help them avoid teenage pregnancy and early marriage, two of the biggest barriers to girls completing high school in Lesotho.

To learn more about the Pearl Program, please click here for a video featuring Lisebo, a Pearl Program graduate.

HOW TO DONATE: Make your donation by filling in your information below (scroll down). Please note, there is a ‘comments’ field where you are encouraged to leave a note for Kim and Andrew that we will pass along! Donations are eligible for Canadian tax receipts.

Examples of what your gift can do include:

    • $25 buys a pair of school shoes, a uniform requirement for starting high school
    • $150 covers the cost of food for one training day for 40 girls
    • $550 covers the cost of enrolling one girl in the program for an entire year
pearl girl graphic: 20 girls supported = 20 girls who have the knowledge to tackle high school with confidence

Your gift in honour of Kim and Andrew can change a girl’s life!