Palesa Goes to Camp Day 3: Time to Learn

Dec 15, 2018

Leadership Camp provides psychosocial support, discussion and life skills training on key challenges facing these teenagers.

Camp is a unique break from the incredible pressures in their lives. It allows them time and support to experience new ideas and coping strategies in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Trained Help Lesotho interns act as local role models in leadership roles. The reiterative nature of the content allows these experiences to be deeply processed and applied to their lives. All content stressed the value of HIV prevention, treatment and testing and gender equity. All campers have a chance to test on site.

Watch Palesa attend training sessions at camp:


For those who are lucky enough to return year-after-year, they build friendships and continuity of support. Participants are expected to share what they learn with their schools and families when they return to their home, schools and communities.