Help Lesotho believes in the power of partnerships.
We are experienced in developing partnerships of all shapes and sizes, with large companies, small local businesses, and schools. What our partners have in common is a desire to make a difference in the world by improving the well-being of vulnerable people.

By working collaboratively together, we can create a partnership of shared value that is tailored to your organization and your social investment strategy.

Want to improve your brand image and boost employee morale? Let’s do it. Want to deliver powerful content that inspires while increasing your market exposure? We can do that too.

Interested in demonstrating your commitment to impact?

Contact to discuss how we can make a difference together

Ways we can work together

Workplace Giving

Our Gifts that Give Hope make excellent gifts for your employees. Our team can also provide the tools and resources needed for giving campaigns, including custom donation pages and inspiring impact reports.

Product Donations

Collaborate with us by providing the supplies we need to impact the lives of people in Lesotho.
Note: though we greatly appreciate offers, we do not accept product donationsfor our operationsin Lesotho. We purchase locally in Lesotho to support the economy.

Skills Exchange

Lend your expertise and resources by offering pro-bono services. In exchange, reap the benefits of a demonstrated commitment to social responsibility.

Cohort Sponsorship

Sponsor a cohort of girls through an 8-month leadership program or a group of youth through an entrepreneurial training course. We’ll show you the direct impact of your investment with inspiring personalized reports that your employees and clients will cherish.

Partners with a purpose

Thank you to our current partners for their unwavering support.

It is because of you we can help those in Lesotho who are most vulnerable

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