Supporting Mental Well-Being in Lesotho

Oct 13, 2023

Mental health is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to all individuals. At Help Lesotho, our work lies in nurturing mental well-being and fostering resilience in order to empower beneficiaries to reach their full potential and make healthy decisions for themselves, that also impact those around them.

As we recently observed World Mental Health Day, we compiled a list of 10 ways Help Lesotho supports people to improve their mental health.

Help Lesotho celebrates pride month in Lesotho

1. Fostering inclusiveness and creating safe environments for all.

young mother with program certificate

3. Contributing to dignity, autonomy and self-sufficiency through access to services and local resources.

smiling family, benefitting from Help Lesotho programs

5. Providing counselling sessions to vulnerable individuals and families as they navigate challenges.

fostering friendships through help lesotho programs

7. Fostering friendships amongst supportive peers.

help lesotho employee caring for a program beneficiary

9. Caring for people in ways that make them feel seen and valued.

Help Lesotho program outdoors encourages active living

2. Promoting physical activity and active lifestyles.

children love to play outdoors at the help lesotho leadership centres

4. Supporting inter-generational communication to improve family and community support systems.

breaking down barriers through interactive education

6. Breaking down barriers about depression, suicide, and drug & alcohol and abuse.

Help Lesotho centres are a second home to many, a safe space

8. Creating a home-away-from-home for children to play, learn and grow.

help lesotho helps beneficiaries make healthy decisions

10. Equipping people with knowledge that empowers them to make healthy decisions.

Together, we are building the resilience of a generation that is working hard to create a brighter future! For some more context as to why mental health support is an important part of Help Lesotho programs, click here