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To give you an idea of the impact your support will have, we hope you will read the quotes below from Hlalefo and Thato. 

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“Being a single parent is hard as I have to juggle multiple roles as a parent, it is however twice the love and pride watching my daughter grow into a brilliant girl. I prefer to dedicate my attention to my daughter’s education, showing much interest and supporting her learning. I also appreciate the guidance and the support Help Lesotho offered because she is able to visit the Hlotse Centre where she accesses different learning activities that are fun and educational. Having the privilege to be an empowered woman has played a vital role to me as I am able to inspire even the mother to be in how I closely take care of my daughter.”


“Parenting to me means being selfless. This is a picture of us in the morning after a long night of periodical feedings and play time from 4am. While I get ready for work it’s playtime again this time with both of them. Those moments are priceless. Putting their needs before mine despite all circumstances makes my heart full because I know their wellbeing is met and they are happy. Parenting is my best role to play and it gives my life meaning. I love my boys!”