Palesa Goes to Camp Episode 5: Camp Goodbyes

Palesa Goes to Camp Episode 5: Camp Goodbyes

Camp is over but the impact will last a lifetime. Watch and share in their goodbyes. 
School in Lesotho starts in January. We have a waiting list of young boys and girls who will not go to school if we cannot find sponsors.
Will you help them by becoming their sponsor?
You can make all the difference in the life of a child in Lesotho and change their future forever.
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Palesa Goes to Camp Day 3: Time to Learn

Leadership Camp provides psychosocial support, discussion and life skills training on key challenges facing these teenagers.

Camp is a unique break from the incredible pressures in their lives. It allows them time and support to experience new ideas and coping strategies in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Trained Help Lesotho interns act as local role models in leadership roles. The reiterative nature of the content allows these experiences to be deeply processed and applied to their lives. All content stressed the value of HIV prevention, treatment and testing and gender equity. All campers have a chance to test on site.

Watch Palesa attend training sessions at camp:


For those who are lucky enough to return year-after-year, they build friendships and continuity of support. Participants are expected to share what they learn with their schools and families when they return to their home, schools and communities.

You too can Sponsor a Child.

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Palesa Goes to Camp Episode 4: Camper Thoughts

All these campers are Help Lesotho’s sponsored children and their lives are changing. Watch as Palesa interviews our campers.


The Child Sponsorship Program is a combination of financial support for formal education and psychosocial support to help children grow up. Funding school fees demonstrates to each child that someone knows who they are, believes in them and will support them so they are no longer alone. Students are accountable to Help Lesotho to work hard, and they are also able to access greater support when challenges arise.

Help Lesotho’s Child Sponsorship Program matches sponsors with students who are unable to pursue their high school education. Sponsors are encouraged to commit to sponsorship for the duration of their sponsored child’s high school education (5-6 years).

Give a child in Lesotho a chance at a better future.


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Palesa Goes to Camp Episode 5: Camp Goodbyes

Palesa Goes to Camp Episode 1: Meet Palesa

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to attend one of our Leadership Camps?
This week, Ausi Palesa is at camp and she’s going to give us the full story on what’s like to be a Help Lesotho camper.
Click to watch:
WATCH the video here.
Tune in all week to watch Ausi Palesa interview campers and Help Lesotho staff as they share about their favourite camp experiences.
Help Lesotho’s Leadership Camps change lives, check back to find out why!
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