The 2024 Young Mother Program

Jul 5, 2024

Our Young Mother Support Program empowers adolescent girls and young women facing the challenges of early motherhood. By fostering profound physical and emotional changes, the program boosts self-esteem and resilience among participants. Young mothers learn to confidently embrace their bodies and challenges, transitioning from feeling guarded to feeling open and supported. The program equips them to make informed decisions and support each other by nurturing and strengthening motherhood in their community!

Help Lesotho’s program not only supports young mothers but also benefits their children, both now and in the future. These children will grow up with mothers who are advocates for their rights, exemplify healthy relationships, value education, make informed decisions, and view parenting as a privilege.

young mother 2023 program stats

In the Community

girlfce performance at pitseng
kate and the young mother program

(Above, left) A group of young mothers and grandmothers come together to watch a GIRL4ce performance. (Above, right) Executive Director, Kate Lambert snaps a photo with a group of young mothers from the Pitseng Centre, while on a recent trip to Lesotho.

Stories of Hope


Matsepo Matsepo is a participant in the Pitseng Young Mother program. She has faced significant challenges since the birth of her son, Teboho, who has spina bifida. It was only when Teboho was born that they learned of his disability. It was a very scary time, one that Matsepo still hasn’t fully recovered from. She is grateful that Teboho is now five years old, although his future is still uncertain. Matsepo carries him everywhere, which is manageable for now due to his small size. Matsepo is a strong advocate for her son and has become an empowered young woman through her participation in the program.

Although she faces discrimination due to her son’s disability from community members, Matsepo has found a supportive network of other young mothers who help her navigate her challenges and lift her up. She knows she needs to surround herself with people who will help her stay strong for her child. She looks forward to each program session she attends because she always leaves feeling refreshed.

“We are learning to build ourselves, not just to depend on someone else. We are learning how to raise our kids in the right way.”


Mamatebele joined Help Lesotho’s Young Mother Program in 2019, the same year her daughter was born. Today, her daughter is thriving at five years old. Mamatebele and her husband are farmers who rely on their yields to both feed their family and generate a small income. Life is challenging, but they are happy. They plan to welcome another child in the next couple of years – a conversation that would not have happened prior to Mamatebele’s participation in the Young Mother Program. 

Beyond caring for her family, Mamatebele currently volunteers as a tutor with Help Lesotho’s Smart Kids program. She takes great pride in her role and the positive impact she has on the children, expressing, “We are doing so many things with them to make them happy, that is my duty.”