Long-Term Impact

Jun 8, 2020

Since 2004, we’ve been working hard to empower children and youth in Lesotho to create positive social change in their families and communities. Over 220,000 vulnerable Basotho have benefited from our programs, and over 40,000 have graduated from our intensive programs. We continue to build a critical mass of people who are committed to stop gender-based violence, protect human rights, reduce HIV discrimination and ultimately create a brighter future for Lesotho.

The following data was collected in early 2020 at an Alumni Reunion using surveys and written testimonials from 182 graduates of several Help Lesotho programs. It is often difficult to collect long-term program impact data due to the transient nature of our program participants. After a program ends, tracking people down to check in with them is challenging (they change phone numbers, don’t have data on their cell phones, move, etc.). This data shows that Help Lesotho’s programs are indeed creating lasting changes. It is thanks to the generosity of our donors, sponsors and supporters that we have been able to make such an impact.

All Help Lesotho programs are built on the principles of creating positive social change through building resilience, fostering self-management and encouraging strong, positive leadership skills. The graph below depicts the most important lessons gained at Help Lesotho that alumni are still applying in their lives and communities today.

The testimonials below are from a few alumni speaking to the impact Help Lesotho has had, and continues to have, on their lives. It is our hope, and that each program graduate, continues to spread the knowledge gained from their time at Help Lesotho long after they leave our programs. Through the feedback gathered, it’s evident that this is happening!