photo collage of Peg Herbert

Celebrating Dr. Peg Herbert
Founder of Help Lesotho

Retirement Events Recap

Over 1,000 people gathered at various events in both Lesotho and in Canada to celebrate Dr. Peg Herbert’s retirement and show their support of her years of incredible leadership and hard work towards building Help Lesotho to what it is today. Stories were shared, laughs were heard, and tears were shed. There was palpable, and inspiring, energy at each event. Thank to everyone who came to events and wished us well from afar!

Tributes to ‘M’e Peg

Program participants put together this fun video of special messages to ‘M’e Peg, enjoy!

What’s Next

As bittersweet as it is to close Peg’s chapter with the organization, there is an air of excitement of what’s to come for Help Lesotho. Peg has left the organization in very capable hands, with a strong team in both Lesotho and Canada, we are well positioned to uphold Peg’s legacy and continue the important work needed in Lesotho.

As for Peg, she’ll be enjoying time with her six grandchildren and will always remain part of the Help Lesotho family!



Comments for Peg

We know so many of you want the opportunity to write a message to Peg. We invite you to leave your messages, stories and words of support in the comment box below. Before typing your message, click inside the box where it says Comments*.  Please fill in all the fields (name, email, and message). *Please scroll to the bottom of the page to add your comment, and be sure to start a new comment rather than reply to someone else’s so that Peg can respond to you directly.


  1. Linda Forrest

    Congratulations on your retirement, Peg!

    I was grateful to be introduced to Help Lesotho by my friend Francis Moran and did some promotion in Ottawa for the organization back when I worked for inmedia.

    You are an inspiration and the difference you’ve made in your career has been amazing to follow.

    Enjoy your retirement!

    • Peg Herbert

      How nice to hear from you Linda – thank you for taking the time to write. I hear from Francis from time to time and enjoy following his adventures. I appreciate your kind words. I hope our paths cross in the near future. Best wishes. Peg

  2. Molebeleli Makoti

    Well well ‘M’e Peg

    I am really at a loss for words to begin how Help Lesotho has impacted positively my life. It is a known factor that after graduation here in Lesotho we go for years without work, Help Lesotho came to Butha Buthe to do the Leader-In-Training (LIT) in March to April 2014, the training came at a time when all hope was diminishing. The trainers then Ntate Sello Matsoso, ‘M’e Maseretse Ratia and Ausi Teliso Nchabeng gave us skills that really pulled Me out of a dark hole.

    Help Lesotho then made it possible for Me to join as a Volunteer under the volunteer program after the LIT training, in no time with hard work and dedication I joined the CSP program working with ‘M’e Mampaka Kunene and later because a Senior officer in CSP program. I am more than grateful for the opportunities that the Organization has provided me under your Leadership.

    I just want to wish Happy retirement, as you take a rest from work, please take this time to reflect on all the achievements you have made possible for Help Lesotho.

    If it very right to say, I have got mad love for you ‘M’e Peg.

    “Happy Retirement ‘M’e Peg”

    • Peg Herbert

      What a sweet note Ntate – thank you. I can feel the love and am smiling as I respond. I am so proud of you – you are one of the examples of the potential of youth in Lesotho to take up leadership, discipline and responsibility. I look forward to hearing about your contributions in the future as well. I send you a hug – be well.

  3. Tammy Hoffman

    Peg, I was driving home from North Bay Ontario, and I heard your interview on CBC. I was immediately moved and inspired to hear you talk about Help Lesotho and how it came to be. I quickly inquired when I returned home as to how I could support your group. You are a visionary, have made a huge impact on the lives of many. Well done, Peg, well done.

    • Peg Herbert

      It is so nice to hear from you Tammy – you have indeed been such a support all these years. Thank you for your trust – from the very beginning and for your lovely wishes now. I would love to have coffee with you or a walk – if you are around. I hope all is well in your life. Thank you for writing such a sweet note. Peg

      • Sr Alice

        I am in for the comments. But later tomorrow

  4. Sello Matsoso

    It’s with the sincerest appreciation that I wish you the best of luck and thank you for all you’ve done for Basotho. Because of you, we aimed higher, performed better and became the best version of ourselves. Thank you for all of that and more. I hope you can kick back and enjoy the reward of a job well done.

    • Peg Herbert

      Kea leboha Ntate – for this and for all you have and are doing to improve the lives of others. I look forward to hearing more about your leadership as the years go by. I have great faith in you and your capacity to develop leaders who take action for the benefit of others. Help Lesotho needs you! xxoo

  5. Joy heft

    Congratulations, Peg, on the inspiring work you have accomplished since Help Lesotho was launched. It is impressive to see how it has grown and thrived the the numbers whose lives have been changed as a result. The fact that it was cited a few years ago for it accomplishments and the efficiency of its operation is a testimony to its success. I wish you well during a well deserved retirement though I can’t imagine you resting on your laurels.

    Joy Heft

    • Peg Herbert

      How lovely to hear from you Joy – I think of you both often. I had a lovely visit with Sandra last weekend. I do look forward to my retirement and the next adventure! Thank you for your kind remarks – and hope to see you in the near future. Peg

      • Ncheme Mafokane

        Dear Dr. Peg Herbert,

        I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the immense opportunity you provided me as a professional intern. Not only did I gain invaluable experience during my time working alongside you, but I also had the privilege of participating in several PSS trainings, which helped me immensely in both my personal and professional life.

        During my time as your intern, I had the opportunity to work on various projects and learn about different aspects of your profession. The experience, exposure and guidance I received from you became a cornerstone for my professional career journey. I acquired new skills and knowledge, which have helped me develop a comprehensive understanding of the field and made me more confident in my abilities.

        The Psychosocial Support (PSS) training program was a game-changer, providing me with valuable insights into various communication strategies, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking. These PSS trainings have helped me communicate more effectively, become a more skillful problem-solver, and work better in team settings. These skills will continue to play a crucial role as I venture further into my career.

        Apart from PSS training, I learned to become more skilled in both computer and life skills. These skills have made me more adaptable, resourceful, and better-equipped to face any challenges that come my way. You helped me understand the significance of keeping up with the trends and technologies that affect our professional lives, and I am grateful for that insight.

        Dr. Herbert, I cannot thank you enough for the guidance, encouragement, and support you offered me during my time as an intern. The experience and knowledge I gained through working with you have had a significant impact on my life, and I will always be grateful for that.

        In closing, please know that the skills and values instilled in me will help me continue to grow, both personally and professionally, and I will always remember and appreciate the role you played in making that happen.

        Thank you for being an excellent mentor and a guiding light.

        • Peg Herbert

          Lumela Ntate, What a beautifully written, sincere and touching letter. You brought tears to my eyes to think of how much you have grown. I am so proud of you and know that you will continue to make an enormous difference in the lives of people you meet and train. Thank you for taking the time to share this with me. Molimo a u hlohonolofatse Ntate.

  6. Manuela Clément-Frencia

    Dear Peg,
    Congratulations for your dedication, influence and impact! Nineteen years of life transformation for Basotho children and families is remarkable. Our collaboration in 2018 on girls’ education was not only a personal lifetime experience but also an impactful advocacy journey for Canadian audience.
    Thank you.
    Take good care of yourself.
    Manuela Clément-Frencia, Co-founder The NOLA Project

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you Manuela for such a special note and for your support all these year. Your own advocacy for girls is an inspiration and I look forward to following your projects. It has been a pleasure to know you. Fondly, Peg

  7. Elise Benoit

    Best wishes for many wonderful new adventures with family and friends, pearls go anywhere and with everything.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you Elise – you are such a wonderful P4G advocate. I wish you the very best and look forward to seeing you at Help Lesotho events. Best wishes.

  8. Carol Mstson

    Dear Peg – what a beautiful celebration for an angel in our midst last Saturday!! Your dedication to the lives of those on the far side of the world will never be forgotten. We do wish you happy and safe travels this summer! Love from Carol and Joe

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you so much for coming Carol – it was lovely to see you and to finally meet your beloved. You haven’t aged a bit in all these years. Please keep in touch – I will have the same email address. Such a lovely occasion to celebrate how much has been done together. xxoo

  9. Haig McCarrell

    Peg you are an inspiration! I’m looking forward to be with you this Saturday to celebrate you and Help Lesotho. God bless!

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you – I am so glad you can join me and other amazing people who have supported Help Lesotho for so long. See you then. Peg

  10. Linda Jamieson

    I was so happy to be a part of the special event in Toronto to celebrate you and your incredible accomplishments with Help Lesotho. You deserve all the best in this next chapter of your life. All the best, Linda

    • Peg Herbert

      I loved seeing you – what a treat. Thanks so much for coming and for all your encouragement and support.
      Let’s keep in touch (I will have the same e-address).
      Be well my friend.Peg

  11. Margaret

    Hi Peg, I’ll be there this time! Can’t miss it!

    • Peg Herbert

      So glad – see you Saturday.

  12. Penney Place

    I’m so sorry that I won’t be able to attend your retirement do in Kingston like I’d planned. I’ll miss seeing you and saying thank you for such a wonderful volunteer experience all those years ago. I have so many fond memories and have kept up with a couple of people from Lesotho. I was able to do a Facetime call with M’e Blandina when she was in the hospital just before she died. Such a wonderful lady. Help Lesotho – and you – have changed lives! All the best for your upcoming retirement.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thanks for writing Penney – I had been looking forward to giving you a hug but am glad to hear from you. I used to visit ‘M’e Blandina annually, although briefly, and see ‘M’e Maplesa Mokefane whenever I am there. Such a special family. Thank you for all your support – all thee years. Please keep in touch – and would love to have coffee whenever you are in Ottawa. xxoo

  13. Zaida Bastos

    Looking forward to celebrating your incredible legacy! You are such an inspiration .

    • Peg Herbert

      Thanks Zaida – so happy you could join me on the journey – see you on the 22nd!

  14. Suzie Taguchi

    Dear Peg,
    You have not only touched so many lives over these past 19 years, but you have laid the solid groundwork to continue supporting the Lesotho Grandmothers, their children and grandchildren, You have worked tirelessly and have been such a beacon of light for the peoples of Lesotho. In reading your letters from Lesotho,, your passion was felt in your words. It was clear that you worked “with” the Lesotho community. You valued their input and they in turn understood your compassion and trusted you.

    I wish you a well-earned, wonderful retirement….one filled with travel, spending time with family /friends and just doing whatever you wish!

    • Peg Herbert

      Suzie – thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely note. Your comments meant a great deal to me. I hope to see you on Thursday and have very much appreciated your support all these years. I send you my very best wishes. Peg

  15. Jill

    Dear Peg,
    I am so honoured to be among those who will be in attendance at your retirement celebration. Your heart must be full, as you slowly withdraw from something so impactful, all consuming and rewarding, as your work in Lesotho draws to a close, with so many grateful souls in your wake, whose lives have forever been transformed because of your loving devotion. Wishing you every blessing, as you enter this next exciting phase. Here’s to you, dear Peg! With admiration and love, Jill

    • Peg Herbert

      You are a dear – thank you Jill. I know that you do a lot for your community as well. You have been such a great support and encourager. Our cousins have certainly rallied to help. I am glad to know you are coming to the event and so look forward to seeing that smile. Lots of love Jill and appreciation for you!

  16. Varsha Koneri-Grant

    My dearest Peg,

    You have touched the lives of so many. I feel incredibly blessed to be amongst them. My experience with Help Lesotho this past March has had an enormous positive impact on my life. My one on one time with you was priceless.
    Peg, you are leaving a mark on a part of the world that so many do not even know exists. The work you’ve done and the foundation you have laid through Help Lesotho is nothing short of a legacy. May God bless you abundantly, today, and always.

    • Peg Herbert

      Varsha – it was so special to have you in Lesotho. You have such an open heart – I will forever see you there, dancing with the grannies and the children! Thank you for your kind remarks – I will hold them dear. xxoo

  17. Matt Davis

    Dear Peg, The Lord used you to truly help and bless so many wonderful people who were truly in need! Thank you so much and it was an absolute honor to pray with you and everyone else at the zoom prayer meeting. May you enjoy retirement to its fullest and I pray that work you started continues to grow and help others 🙂 Sincerely, Matt

    • Peg Herbert

      What a special note Matt – thank you. I have appreciated your encouragement, prayers and support – it is a joint effort. I hope all is well and hope you will keep in touch.

  18. Maria Catana


    I have only known you for a few short years but it is enough to realize what an incredible person you are. You will leave such a remarkable legacy behind you which you can be so proud of. Can’t imagine how proud your family is of you and how grateful all the recipients of your help are in Lesotho. I am proud to continue my support for Help Lesotho!

    • Peg Herbert

      Maria, I am touched by your comments – thank you. Your continued support is important and will be valued as much as your current support is. I hope you are able to come to the Ottawa event to see the results of what you are funding. Bless your heart.

  19. Ed & Elaine

    Thank-you for your years of dedicated service. Congratulations on your retirement. Glad we can help you celebrate. See you soon.

    • Peg Herbert

      Hello to you both – you have been such huge encouragers and supporters all these year – since the beginning. Thank you for each and every one of our gestures. I am keeping this email address so we can keep in touch.
      A hug to you both. Love Peg PS – hopefully see you at the April event in Toronto. I will be staying with Sandra

  20. Patty Freeman

    Dear Peg, your accomplishments over the past twenty years have been extraordinary. You went to Lesotho 19 years ago, saw the need and came home and did something about it. You created Help Lesotho out of thin air and then, with countless hours of hard work, steered it into the solid, flourishing organization it is today. Imagine improving the lives of tens of thousands of people! Congratulations on your achievements and your well-earned retirement.

    • Peg Herbert

      Patty – you have been such a support all these years – in so very many ways, including you and Stuart living at the Pitseng Centre for three months when it first opened to get it started – and now look at it – over 100,000 visits! Your help editing so much of my work has been a real blessing – the behinds the scenes contributions that others do not see. I can never thank you enough for believing in this vision – every step off the way. Love Peg

  21. Penny Thompson

    It is wonderful to get first hand accounts of the wonderful work you and your teams have accomplished. You have set a fine example of how people working together with compassion for each other as human beings, can accomplish mighty works.
    Enjoy whatever you do in this next phase of your life.

    • Peg Herbert

      What a lovely note – thank you Penny. We all very much appreciate your support all these years.

  22. Sharon Anne Cook

    Heartiest congratulations, Peg, on your remarkable achievements in Lesotho and in Canada too as you weld these two cultures together. You have so much to be proud of, and I am delighted that the leave-taking ceremony in Lesotho was so memorable! As you begin this new phase of your life, I am glad that you will have more time to spend on personal pursuits. Enjoy it all!

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you for both your lovely notes Sharon – your support has meant a lot. I look forward to our visit when you return. Travel well and enjoy your last weeks. See you soon. Peg

  23. Hélène Goulet

    Hi Peg, you have played such a large role in Help Lesotho, it will continue to be marked by your leadership and commitment. I commend you for preparing your departure and ensuring continued success for the organization. That is the mark of an excellent leader. I am sure the next chapter will be full of other adventures…Enjoy some rest and relaxation!

    • Peg Herbert

      How nice to hear from you Hélène – it has been a while. I appreciate your comments and special wishes for my retirement – that will be an adventure in itself! Hope to connect in the coming months. Peg
      PS I will retain the same email address so it will be easy to stay in touch.

  24. Tom & Carol Adam

    “An action need not alter the course of human events in order to be heroic.”
    Leo Beuerman

    Congratulations on your successful career and your service to others. You are indeed a true heroine.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you both – you have and I know will continue to be a strong support to Help Lesotho. Thank you for caring so much and for your kind wishes.

  25. Doreen & Courtney Casserly

    Congratulations Peg. We have followed you over the years and want to wish you a very well deserved retirement. We have enjoyed all your letters, and although we never made it to Lesotho, we thought of you often and so admired all your work there. Hope your three boys and families are doing well.

    • Peg Herbert

      Hello there you two – I hope you saw the photo of Jesse – that will bring back memories. Thank you for your kind words and for your current and future support – it means a lot. My very best to you both. Peg

    • Claire Tremblay

      Your vision, hours of dedication and efforts on behalf of humanity for so many years is truly remarkable and inspiring. You are justifiably respected and loved by many, and your legacy lives on. Thank you!

  26. Erika Seguin

    Peg. I have been reading and watching all of the events celebrating you and your vision. It is truly remarkable what has been accomplished, all started by you. Your vision has guided so many people and it has been humbling to be involved in my own small way. I hope our paths still cross here and there in your well deserved retirement. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the ottawa event as it coincides with my 2 nd grandsons 1 st birthday , which would be a bad thing to miss. Wishing you all the best, in your new adventure! Fondly, Erika xo

    • Peg Herbert

      How nice to hear from you Erika – and for your kind words. I am so glad that you were able to get over and I know you will continue to be a strong support to Julia and the team. I will continue to use my work email address so please keep in touch – I would love to go for coffee. Peg

  27. Sandra Knight

    Congratulations on your incredible accomplishment in Lesotho. It is amazing what just one person can do for positive change. Enjoy a long and healthy retirement and if you are looking for a new challenge, perhaps , with your great experience, you could give our government a hand.

    • Peg Herbert

      Hello Sandra, I was happy to hear from you. Thank you for your lovely note. I hope you saw the photos of Jesse – how we began together. Thank you for all your support over these many years and I know you will continue to support Julia and the team. Wishing you well. I will continue to use my work email address so please keep in touch – I would love to go for coffee. We are not far apart! Peg

  28. Stuart Culbertson

    You should feel incredibly and most deservedly proud of what you have accomplished, Peg. Yeah … yeah … I know you will say it’s all about the team. But there would have been no team without the energy and vision of its founder. Happy to have watched and participated from the beginning. Stuart

    • Peg Herbert

      What a lovely note Stuart – and you two were indeed there from day one. Who could have imagined. Thank you for your kind remarks and for all the support you and Patty have given me on this journey. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xxoo

    • Ingrid Ermanovics

      Your work has always reflected completely your profound respect for all people and your belief that given reliable, targeted support for the whole person, that they can learn to care for and manage themselves, taking the next steps on their own. You did it fearless, a leap of faith and all of that is why I admire you so much. You are one of my heroes. You make me want to be a better person and to reach out to others. You make me believe that the world will be alright because of this power you sow in us. Congratulations and best wishes on your next adventures!

      • Peg Herbert thank you so much for this lovely note – I am touched. Your own experience is so valuable to help others. As long as everyone does something. It makes me happy to think I might have inspired you a bit – that is what we are here for. I will continue to use my work email address so please keep in touch – I would love to go for coffee. Peg

        • Ramohlakoana Justice Sents'o

          We will forever be grateful for your life, ‘M’e Peg. Actually we don’t have enough words to thank you. You have been a great best blessing to our country, Lesotho. Go home with our gratitude ‘M’e. May God continue to keep you for your family and Lesotho. I’m also glad how Thaba-Tseka, my home, appears in your letters, good impact you made there. We thank you!


  29. Stephen Kendall

    Hi Peg, it’s incredible what you have accomplished on behalf of the people of Lesotho. My time with HL was one of the most rewarding of my life, always feeling that I could make a difference, thanks to the organization that you set up. I know how effective it was. Recently I received an email from the little girl, Reamohetse, whom Maureen and I met at Guardian Angel at the time the funding for the few children left there had fallen apart and the plan was to phase out programs not aimed at high school candidates. We took her on as her sponsors and continued our contributions through until she joined the regular program and through until she graduated. Her recent note included a photo of her at her graduation from a business program. She wanted to thank me for supporting her through the years, such that she could achieve this goal. It’s you that she should have been thanking, but I appreciate your letting me be a small part of it. Congratulations on your achievement and for taking some well-earned time for yourself.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you Stephen – I have so many great memories of you and Maureen in Lesotho. Your compassion for the children was/is remarkable and they were blessed to have you as their advocate. Reamohetse is one of so many who could not have managed without the support of people like you. Thank you for your encouragement all these years. It has meant a lot. Peg
      PS I am retaining the e-mail address so please stay in touch

  30. Jean mcnabb

    Dearest Peg: My heart leaps with both Sorrow and Joy that I will probably not have the opportunity to visit the beloved country of Lesotho again. But as I wrote about it in my memoir it was like I was their yesterday and it brings me so much pleasure and laughter to remember. Even with all these dear people have been through they can still warm your soul with their hospitality. I spoke of this trip and members of my writing group were inspired enough to make a donation and they moved me into making one of my favourite desserts to serve them, which reminded me that when you introduced me to the grannies and told them what I did the reaction was something I will never forget. The work you have done with Empathy and Love has changed a small part of the world and what more could anyone ask of one person.

    • Peg Herbert

      Hello my friend, so nice to hear from. you as always. I can picture you in Lesotho so easily. You are a blessing to everyone you meet. Thank you for writing – I love our correspondence. I send you a hug.
      Love Peg
      PS I am retaining the e-mail address so please stay in touch

  31. Nisha

    Hi Peg,
    I am amazed at the difference one person can make in the lives of so many. It sounds cliche but for you it is absolutely true. You are an inspiration to others whom you have not touched directly too, just by your example of how to create the change you wish to see in the world. I am glad you are able to celebrate your legacy while you are still alive! Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely note Nisha – I am touched.

  32. Deborah Fleck

    Happy retirement Peg! I wish you all the best for this next chapter in your life. When I think of the difference that you’ve made in so many lives I think of the versus below.

    “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, “I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

    May the Lord bless you in wherever life takes you.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you for this lovely note Deborah and for the Matthew 25:31 reference – which has been a cornerstone in my life. I hope we can visit in April.
      PS I am retaining the e-mail address so please stay in touch

  33. Nona Mariotti

    Thank you for allowing me to share and experience a small part of your legacy. It has been such a privilege to have been part of your dream!

    • Peg Herbert

      How nice to hear from you Nona – I was thinking of you in Lesotho, imagining you there. I hope all is well. Thank you for caring so much.
      PS I am retaining the e-mail address so please stay in touch

  34. Katha Pollitt

    Dear Peg, Think what Help Lesotho has accomplished in just 19 years! I remember when you started. You are truly an inspiration to me, about what determination and heart, with careful study and planning can do. I will miss your letters from Lesotho. Do keep in touch!

    • Peg Herbert

      What a special note Katha – you have indeed been there since the beginning and somehow believed in us enough to recommend us to the world. I have always been touched by your support when you have so many other causes to advocate for. I am retaining the e-mail address so, ye, let’s stay in touch.

  35. Jill Rafuse

    Remembering life before Help Lesotho, when you were having a reckoning with statistics, and wondering how you were ever going to make this incredible dream come to pass. You are a wonder, my friend, and a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations on your vision, determination, perseverance, and success. You have inspired so many good things.

    • Peg Herbert

      What a lovely note Jill – thank you. I am touched. I look forward to seeing you at the end of the month. Peg

  36. Mary Dawson

    We will really miss you Peg, it’s been an inspiration working with you. We will think of you often.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you Mary – you have been such a pleasure to work with and I know we will keep in close touch. You are very special. Peg

    • Charlotte Burgess

      I remember when you first met the Lesotho nun and began your African dream. And unlike many of us, you had the skill, fortitude and aspiration to make it all come true. What a wonderful blessing for all you have inspired and helped along the way. Help Lesotho seems to be in good hands and I hope you will enjoy your retirement to its fullest.

  37. Ulrike Ebeling

    You have done an absolutely amazing job founding, expanding and running Help Lesotho. I am in awe of your accomplishments. You certainly deserve to be celebrated! To decide to retire must have been a very hard decision. I wish you many fabulous adventures in your retirement.

    • Peg Herbert

      Ulrike – what a lovely note. Thank you for your kind words and for all you do for our grannies. They are so precious. I told them about you ten days ago. Let’s be sure to keep in touch. Peg

      • Ulrike Ebeling

        Yes, let’s keep in touch.
        Yes, the grannies are very special.

  38. Brianne Smith

    Looking forward to celebrating you!

  39. Renee

    Peg, you truly are an inspiration! Congratulations on a well deserved retirement!

  40. Flo and Ken Robinson

    Dear Peg:
    We are deeply moved by your imagination, creativity, involvement and loyalty in the creation of Help Lesotho and your ability to keep it going and growing.
    We are thankful that you have provided us with the opportunity to connect with Lesotho and so many of its people. It has been a privilege to know you and to be part of a such a great service and partnership.
    We thank you so much.
    We pray that you will be richly blessed in your retirement.
    With affection, Ken and Flo

    • Peg Herbert

      Your two are so special – thank you for all you have done, for your encouragement and your thoughtful involvement. Your support in so many ways has been a real blessing. Know that I think of you both often.

  41. Allison Dingle

    dear Peg, Jim and I look forward to honouring you and your enormous and successful commitment to Help Lesotho for so many years. You leave a rich legacy for those who follow you and have inspired hundreds of young people to work to improve health, living standards and respect for women in their country.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you Allison – I look forward to seeing you both on the 22nd. It will be lovely to give you a hug. You have been such a wonderful support and advocate. Peg

  42. Lyn Shulha (Vize)

    Hi Peg: I just saw the notice of your retirement event here in Kingston and read about the work you have been doing. I’m sure our time at South together is a distant memory for you, but it is certainly one we share. Kingston is now my family’s ‘home town’. I look forward to seeing you and joining in a celebration of all that you have accomplished since high school. Cheers, Lyn

    • Peg Herbert

      Hi Lyn – how nice to hear from you. I hope you are able to come to the reception on the 13th (a notice will come out tomorrow again). I loved seeing the group photos and regret that I will be travelling and cannot join the South reunion. I would have loved that. Peg

  43. Patricia Lang

    Dear Peg,

    There aren’t enough accolades to describe you and all you’ve done over the years to raise HL to the vibrant and viable organization it has become.
    Wishing you a well deserved retirement and many blessings. No doubt you won’t be idle!

    • Peg Herbert

      Pat – you are so sweet – thank you – for this lovely note and for your help in organizing the Toronto event. I so look forward to seeing you. Peg

  44. Tony Copple

    It’s an honour to have met you Peg. You – retire! That’ll be hard.

  45. Beth Clarke-Gilman

    Peg, your willingness to take a chance on Phillip as a student volunteer in 2007 changed his life – and ours! He is now Director of Learning for a large school district in BC. Bless you for all your dedication and work in Lesotho. I remember filing in your HL basement office at the very beginning – those were the days! Looking forward to seeing what retirement has in store for you.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thank you Beth – you two have been with me from the beginning. I hope we can stay connected and hopefully see. you on the Island. I send you both a hug. Peg

  46. Brianne Smith

    Peg, you are an inspiration! Thank you for your leadership and years of dedication in growing HL to what it is today. Looking forward to celebrating you.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thanks Bri – for this and for all your work to support the endless projects and activities. Peg

  47. Deb Ruse

    Best wishes for your retirement M’e Peg. My best memories of you are of our travels in Lesotho. I recall so many encounters where people realized who you were, and their faces burst into huge smiles. The work of Help Lesotho and you is so well respected in its home country. You are truly leaving a lasting legacy.

  48. Larraine Milligan

    It was an honour to have met you. A favourite memory of mine is the 2004 Help Lesotho Christmas float. It was filled with children travelling down Front Street in Belleville Ontario.
    Wishing you all the best in your retirement.

  49. Puleng Mahlakajoe

    Dear mme Peg!
    Congratulations! You have done so much for us as Basotho, go and rest. Your heart must be content with the work you have done, God has always been on your side, hence, you have us ….me… as the product of your initiative . We will forever remain grateful for the love you have given to us and our children ( your Lesotho grand children)
    I love you so much

  50. Mary-Martha Hale

    Congratulations Peg on an amazing journey you have had at founder and leader of Help Lesotho. You have touched many lives and have inspired all to be leaders as well. Many blessings as you enter this new phase of your life! May your future be filled with peace and joy.

  51. robyn quaintance

    Peg, I remember you with braids in your hair in Sidney, BC, when my kid’s school was twinning with the Help Lesotho school. That was many years ago! You have done so much work and deserve to retire. Thank you for all of what you have given to the people of Lesotho AND for allowing me to become a donor and learning about that part of the world.

    Robyn Q

    • Peg Herbert

      What a lovely note Robyn – thank you. I had so hoped you might come over to see for yourself – your support all these years is truly appreciated. Peg

  52. Lara Cousins

    Dear Peg,
    Your kind, compassionate, and insightful approach to leadership profoundly shaped me. I’m forever grateful that I got to learn from you. Wishing you all the best for this new chapter, hope it’s filled with joy, rest, new adventures, and lots of time with loved ones. 🙂
    Sending you the biggest hug and much love xoxo

  53. Gail Whitbeck

    Dear Peg,
    I’ve been sold on Help Lesotho ever since I heard you and Sister Alice on the radio many years ago. And you and the group have exceeded all my expectations. Thank you so much.
    I trust that you will now be moving into new areas where you can use your wonderful talents.
    I have given up my apartment in Toronto, so I will not be in town to see you on April 15. But I’ll be there in spirit.

    • Peg Herbert

      We will miss you Gail – you have been such a constant support all these years. I do hope we can connect soon. Please keep in touch. Peg

  54. Kristie Marr

    I am grateful to have worked with you and I learned so much. May your next chapter in life be as fulfilling as your time with Help Lesotho.

  55. Joanna Seitz

    Congratulations! Welcome to the world of retirement, my young friend. Thank you for creating the opportunity to join with our African sisters in Lesotho in making the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.

  56. Mbulelo Mochochoko

    All the best in celebrating all of her achievements…..

  57. Gillian Wallace

    Peg, you have raised up so many people and enabled them to be a powerful force for good. Best of all, you did it through working with them, not just for them.

    And not only have you made a huge difference, you’ve helped so many of us to be able to do so as well.

    Iain and I are very grateful. And we pray for all blessings on you as you begin this next phase of your life. It won’t be easy to transition to retirement but we know you’ll enjoy having more time with your grandchildren.

    • Tebello Violet Sarele

      Dear ‘M’e Peg

      We are grateful for the mother that you have been to us, and continue to be. We treasure the sacrifices, the love, the “Hugs”, the support and mentorship, the lessons . I can’t begin to think of my life If I had not met you and the amazing work of Help Lesotho 🇱🇸…Today I am a hopeful young leader in my space of work. THANK YOU. And congratulations 🎊 for the amazing work, the special touch you have had on many lives in Lesotho 🇱🇸. Farewell ‘M’e. Go rest, it’s well deserved. We Love 😍 YOU

    • Peg Herbert

      Gillian and Iain – thank you for this special note and your thoughtful words. Your prayers are truly appreciated – as is your support all these years. Looking forward to seeing you both soon.

  58. Debbie Campbell

    Dear Peg, You are an inspiriation to so many and this celebration is the most fitting swan song for a rare and precious bird as you. I am sorry not to be with you on the occasion but I send my best wishes. Fly high, soar far, you most certainly deserve a retirement full of happiness and good heath. All the very best Debbie

    • Peg Herbert

      Debbie – thank you for such a lovely note – it is much appreciated and I hope to see you at the Ottawa event. It has been a long time.Peg

  59. Debra Bourne

    My dear Peg,
    Very much looking forward to this get together.
    Debra Bourne

  60. Rick Mommersteeg

    Hey M’e Peg,

    I wanted to say congratulations on taking dome time away from all the hard work. Awesome to have travelled to Lesotho with you and seeing first hand the positive effects of your planning, and fund raising! I was am still so impressed with the people of Lesotho! Be well!

    • Peg Herbert

      Rick – that is such a sweet note – I think of you every time I go down those stairs you made to eh pit latrines! I hope all is well and that we can connect at one of the events this April. Your support is truly appreciated. Peg

  61. Julie Parker

    Dear Peg, you are an example of caring from the heart first and then taking actions to make a difference in the lives of all those Grannies who take care of their orphaned Grandchildren. It is you who puts the wonderful smiles on their faces. Your caring and work will live on in Lesotho as you take a well earned retirement to be with your family. Thank you for all the gifts you have left behind.

    • Peg Herbert

      What a lovely message Julie – thank you for your kind words. It has been such an honour to support these lovely people. Peg

  62. Anne Richards

    Looking forward to it !♥️

  63. george vanee

    Can hardly wait for your well deserved retirement. Although for you I am sure it will be interesting. I will be in Mexico so will not be able to make the April event. But we will still be neighbors as I am only moving to Rideau and Charlotte. Looking forward to walks on the river. I should be settled into my new place by the end of May.

    • Mary Walker

      Hi Peg, your parents would be so very proud of you! Your work and personal efforts have made such a meaningful contribution to so many lives and even more you have demonstrated to others how change can be made to happen to make the world a better place.

      • Hadije

        Hi Peg,
        Looking forward to celebrating with you!
        I feel so lucky to have known you for 24 years and proud to call myself your Kosovar daughter.

        You have changed my life forever and so many lives in Lesotho with your hard work and contributions.
        Congradulations on your well deserved retirment!

    • Peg Herbert

      Thanks George – I look forward to seeing you when you return – big hug.

      • Elisabeth Quinton

        Peg I am very happy to have played a very small part in the growth of Help Lesotho.
        I wish you a wonderful retirement rest and trust our paths might cross again.
        May God Bless all endeavours and growth in this kingdom of Lesotho.

        • Peg Herbert

          What a special note Elizabeth – thank you. I do hope we meet in the near future. Lt me know if there are any opportunities. You have been such a quiet support all these years and will continue to be, I am sure. I hope all is well and thank you for that special blessing.Fondly, Peg

          • Margaret Strysio

            Thanks Peg, for being such an inspiration and amazing role model. Enjoy your retirement!

            • Peg Herbert

              Thank you Margaret – I am so touched you are coming this morning1 See you soon.

              • Mamokete Rasethuntsa

                I will forever be greatful of your presence in my life. Words can not describe how appreciative I am of your support. You came in my life when I was at my lowest, you pulled me out of the dark hopeless hole. I shall continue to make a difference and keep your legacy alive.

                • Peg Herbert

                  Lumela sweet girl. I am so proud of you – look at how far you have come. You are a compassionate woman, ready to take the responsibility for leadership, have wonderful friends and clear goals. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. Thank you for all you do for others – wonderful to see you at the event. God bless you xxoo

              • George

                Looking good Peg.

  64. Martha McGrath

    Excited for you to be celebrated!

    • Marion Myles

      Truly a remarkable achievement for the Basotho. All accolades so well deserved dear Peg. It’s been an honor to support you and the HL team for so many years in prayer, in the field and other ways. You have created a wonderful legacy and it seems you are handing over to very capable leadership. I know you will always be involved in one way or another.

      I am sad I did not manage to make the Toronto gathering but I have explained my reasons for missing. I was certainly thinking of you and wish you much love and blessings as you retire to spend time with family and friends. Well done thou good and faithful servant.

      • Peg Herbert

        I was so sorry not to see you as well Marion – we go back such a long way and it has been too long since we had a hug. Thank you so much for your constant support, prayers and thoughtful gestures over these many years. I love knowing you are so close to family – a wise decision to move. We will always stay in touch – the tie that binds. God bless and keep you Marion – love Peg