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Celebrating Dr. Peg Herbert, Founder of Help Lesotho


Peg has touched so many lives throughout her time as Founder and Executive Director of Help Lesotho (2004-2023). To read Peg’s incredible founding story, click here. We know so many of you want the opportunity to write a message to her. We invite you to leave your messages, stories and words of support in the comment box below. Before typing your message, click inside the box where it says Comments*.  Please fill in all the fields (name, email, and message).

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  1. Flo and Ken Robinson

    Dear Peg:
    We are deeply moved by your imagination, creativity, involvement and loyalty in the creation of Help Lesotho and your ability to keep it going and growing.
    We are thankful that you have provided us with the opportunity to connect with Lesotho and so many of its people. It has been a privilege to know you and to be part of a such a great service and partnership.
    We thank you so much.
    We pray that you will be richly blessed in your retirement.
    With affection, Ken and Flo

  2. Allison Dingle

    dear Peg, Jim and I look forward to honouring you and your enormous and successful commitment to Help Lesotho for so many years. You leave a rich legacy for those who follow you and have inspired hundreds of young people to work to improve health, living standards and respect for women in their country.

  3. Lyn Shulha (Vize)

    Hi Peg: I just saw the notice of your retirement event here in Kingston and read about the work you have been doing. I’m sure our time at South together is a distant memory for you, but it is certainly one we share. Kingston is now my family’s ‘home town’. I look forward to seeing you and joining in a celebration of all that you have accomplished since high school. Cheers, Lyn

  4. Patricia Lang

    Dear Peg,

    There aren’t enough accolades to describe you and all you’ve done over the years to raise HL to the vibrant and viable organization it has become.
    Wishing you a well deserved retirement and many blessings. No doubt you won’t be idle!

  5. Tony Copple

    It’s an honour to have met you Peg. You – retire! That’ll be hard.

  6. Beth Clarke-Gilman

    Peg, your willingness to take a chance on Phillip as a student volunteer in 2007 changed his life – and ours! He is now Director of Learning for a large school district in BC. Bless you for all your dedication and work in Lesotho. I remember filing in your HL basement office at the very beginning – those were the days! Looking forward to seeing what retirement has in store for you.

  7. Brianne Smith

    Peg, you are an inspiration! Thank you for your leadership and years of dedication in growing HL to what it is today. Looking forward to celebrating you.

    • Peg Herbert

      Thanks Bri – for this and for all your work to support the endless projects and activities. Peg

    • Brianne Smith


  8. Deb Ruse

    Best wishes for your retirement M’e Peg. My best memories of you are of our travels in Lesotho. I recall so many encounters where people realized who you were, and their faces burst into huge smiles. The work of Help Lesotho and you is so well respected in its home country. You are truly leaving a lasting legacy.

  9. Larraine Milligan

    It was an honour to have met you. A favourite memory of mine is the 2004 Help Lesotho Christmas float. It was filled with children travelling down Front Street in Belleville Ontario.
    Wishing you all the best in your retirement.

  10. Puleng Mahlakajoe

    Dear mme Peg!
    Congratulations! You have done so much for us as Basotho, go and rest. Your heart must be content with the work you have done, God has always been on your side, hence, you have us ….me… as the product of your initiative . We will forever remain grateful for the love you have given to us and our children ( your Lesotho grand children)
    I love you so much

  11. Mary-Martha Hale

    Congratulations Peg on an amazing journey you have had at founder and leader of Help Lesotho. You have touched many lives and have inspired all to be leaders as well. Many blessings as you enter this new phase of your life! May your future be filled with peace and joy.

  12. robyn quaintance

    Peg, I remember you with braids in your hair in Sidney, BC, when my kid’s school was twinning with the Help Lesotho school. That was many years ago! You have done so much work and deserve to retire. Thank you for all of what you have given to the people of Lesotho AND for allowing me to become a donor and learning about that part of the world.

    Robyn Q

  13. Lara Cousins

    Dear Peg,
    Your kind, compassionate, and insightful approach to leadership profoundly shaped me. I’m forever grateful that I got to learn from you. Wishing you all the best for this new chapter, hope it’s filled with joy, rest, new adventures, and lots of time with loved ones. 🙂
    Sending you the biggest hug and much love xoxo

  14. Gail Whitbeck

    Dear Peg,
    I’ve been sold on Help Lesotho ever since I heard you and Sister Alice on the radio many years ago. And you and the group have exceeded all my expectations. Thank you so much.
    I trust that you will now be moving into new areas where you can use your wonderful talents.
    I have given up my apartment in Toronto, so I will not be in town to see you on April 15. But I’ll be there in spirit.

  15. Kristie Marr

    I am grateful to have worked with you and I learned so much. May your next chapter in life be as fulfilling as your time with Help Lesotho.

  16. Joanna Seitz

    Congratulations! Welcome to the world of retirement, my young friend. Thank you for creating the opportunity to join with our African sisters in Lesotho in making the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.

  17. Mbulelo Mochochoko

    All the best in celebrating all of her achievements…..

  18. Gillian Wallace

    Peg, you have raised up so many people and enabled them to be a powerful force for good. Best of all, you did it through working with them, not just for them.

    And not only have you made a huge difference, you’ve helped so many of us to be able to do so as well.

    Iain and I are very grateful. And we pray for all blessings on you as you begin this next phase of your life. It won’t be easy to transition to retirement but we know you’ll enjoy having more time with your grandchildren.

    • Tebello Violet Sarele

      Dear ‘M’e Peg

      We are grateful for the mother that you have been to us, and continue to be. We treasure the sacrifices, the love, the “Hugs”, the support and mentorship, the lessons . I can’t begin to think of my life If I had not met you and the amazing work of Help Lesotho 🇱🇸…Today I am a hopeful young leader in my space of work. THANK YOU. And congratulations 🎊 for the amazing work, the special touch you have had on many lives in Lesotho 🇱🇸. Farewell ‘M’e. Go rest, it’s well deserved. We Love 😍 YOU

  19. Debbie Campbell

    Dear Peg, You are an inspiriation to so many and this celebration is the most fitting swan song for a rare and precious bird as you. I am sorry not to be with you on the occasion but I send my best wishes. Fly high, soar far, you most certainly deserve a retirement full of happiness and good heath. All the very best Debbie

  20. Debra Bourne

    My dear Peg,
    Very much looking forward to this get together.
    Debra Bourne

  21. Rick Mommersteeg

    Hey M’e Peg,

    I wanted to say congratulations on taking dome time away from all the hard work. Awesome to have travelled to Lesotho with you and seeing first hand the positive effects of your planning, and fund raising! I was am still so impressed with the people of Lesotho! Be well!

  22. Julie Parker

    Dear Peg, you are an example of caring from the heart first and then taking actions to make a difference in the lives of all those Grannies who take care of their orphaned Grandchildren. It is you who puts the wonderful smiles on their faces. Your caring and work will live on in Lesotho as you take a well earned retirement to be with your family. Thank you for all the gifts you have left behind.

  23. Anne Richards

    Looking forward to it !♥️

  24. george vanee

    Can hardly wait for your well deserved retirement. Although for you I am sure it will be interesting. I will be in Mexico so will not be able to make the April event. But we will still be neighbors as I am only moving to Rideau and Charlotte. Looking forward to walks on the river. I should be settled into my new place by the end of May.

    • Mary Walker

      Hi Peg, your parents would be so very proud of you! Your work and personal efforts have made such a meaningful contribution to so many lives and even more you have demonstrated to others how change can be made to happen to make the world a better place.

  25. Martha McGrath

    Excited for you to be celebrated!


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