Let’s build a NEW LIBRARY together!

Help Lesotho’s Pitseng Centre has been a second home to thousands of vulnerable people in rural Lesotho since 2008. Each year, more than 3,000 visitors come to the centre to play games, read in the library, learn how to use a computer and participate in life skills workshops.

The centre is home to a lovely, little library…that the community has outgrown! The room has two wooden tables and is no bigger than a simple bedroom. Dozens of high school students rely on the library to access textbooks and have a quiet space to study. For primary students from the two nearby schools, the library is often their first introduction to holding a book in their own hands. Most families in the area live in huts without electricity or enough window light to read or study at home.

The new library is crucial to helping students get back on track with their studies after almost two years of COVID lockdowns, and to form life-changing connections to literacy and learning.

Be sure to watch this short video to see exactly why the children and youth need a new library, and what our plans are to make it a wonderful space for them to learn and grow.

To cover the cost of construction and getting the new library up and running, we need to raise $55,000.

Hundreds of children and youth will benefit from this new library as soon as we can get the doors open. They need you so they can learn to write their names, read their first words, and study in their effort to become teachers, nurses, business owners and community leaders.

Your funds will purchase items such as:

High school textbook – $25

Three cement blocks – $50

Study chair – $100

Window – $500

Together, block-by-block and book-by-book, we can do this!